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Daniel Mekis has been dealing and cutting rough opal since 2005. He has been trained by some of the best cutters in the world, among them, Justin Thomas of Black Opal Direct in Australia and Paul Downing, author and award-winning opal cutter. Over the years, Daniel has fostered relationships with some of the top opal miners in Australia and Brazil, a connection that has proven key to the acquisition of only the finest quality rough opal parcels.

Mekis displays the unique ability to unveil the maximum potential of a rough stone. His meticulous cutting style, paired with the highest quality of handpicked rough opal, creates a finished product that is simply astonishing. Several finished stones have been sold to collectors or set in high-end jewelry. Most recently, some of Daniel's work is being displayed in Carmel, California and Santa Cruz, California. Daniel's work also includes re-cutting and restoring stones in need of repair or re-polish. He has an eye for detail, a very fine finish polish technique, and top-gem-quality rough stones to work with. Featured here are some of the top stones Daniel has cut and collected over the years.

Please inquire about the option for customized setting design to
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Daniel is a mechanical engineer, entrepreneur, surfer and amateur chef.

Thanks for your interest in Mekis Opals!

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