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The Most Beautiful Black Opal Ring

This black opal started out in a parcel that was top quality. After a couple of days of looking the parcel over and planning, the rough opals were rubbed to get rid of waste, and start shaping the gems. This stone in particular took another year or more of sitting and thinking before I actually cut it. Once I did, the greens were so electric and bright! A beautiful black opal with 5 out of 5 in brightness took shape.

A few month later, the ring was set into this elegant but simple yellow gold design.

As I would sit by the window, admiring it, I would notice how subtle changes in light would make this opal's pattern shift all over the place. I grabbed my camera, sat with my back to the window, and began moving my hands and arms around the stone like a conductor directing an orchestra.

The results are pretty awesome.

...Enjoy :-)


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